Plant Physiology and Metabolism

Plant-water relations (Importance of water, water potential and its components; Transpiration and its significance;
Factors affecting transpiration; Root pressure and guttation); Mineral nutrition (Essential elements, macro and micronutrients; Criteria of essentiality of elements; Role of essential elements; Transport of ions across cell membrane, active and passive transport, carriers, channels and pumps); Translocation in phloem; Photosynthesis; Respiration; Enzymes; Nitrogen metabolism (Biological nitrogen fixation; Nitrate and ammonia assimilation); Plant growth regulators (Discovery and physiological roles of auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, ABA, ethylene); Plant response to light and temperature [Photoperiodism (SDP, LDP, Day neutral plants); Phytochrome (discovery and structure), red and far red light responses on photomorphogenesis; Vernalization].

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